Really Awesome Network Config Differ Tricks we use to forget

Install Rancid

First install rancid via the repositories :

aptitude install rancid

Maybe it will not install the CVS dependency, if it is the case you can still install it later.

Most of files should be located in


. Only the config file is located in


The script files which are going to save your configs are located in the




Configure Router


On Brocade devices, I strugeled at the beginning until I found out the problem was the SSH cryptographic method, and then that I needed the “skip-page-display” option set to get full config saved :

enable read-only-password anypassword
privilege exec level 5 skip-page-display
username rancid privilege 5 password yourpassword

Check that ssh access-list grants you access to the device.


set system login class noc permissions view
set system login class noc permissions view-configuration
set system login user rancid authentication plain-text-password/encrypted-password
set system login user rancid class noc